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Mecwins is a key sponsor of 11th Annual International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing to be held in Madrid, Spain in late April and begin May.

The conference is organized by Institute of Microelectronics-Madrid (IMM, CSIC) in a great enviroment for networking and sharing views and experiences with Nanomechanical Sensing experts from academia and industry. It is an ideal opportunity to see for yourself how Nanomechanical Sensors are been explore by researchers in many diverse fields such as material science, biochemistry, medical diagnosis or food science. For further information: .



01 MECWINS 01 from Montserrat Calleja on Vimeo.


Mecwins is a newly established technological company with a strong focus on R&D. Our activity is highly driven by cutting-edge technology and frontline innovation.

Mecwins is developing Nanotechnologies to an advanced stage where they can be applied to diversified fields, from NEMS characterization to clinical analysis. generic drugs in our shop. Pills without prescription at
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