mecwins. Innovation in nanomechanics for biotechbology

New visit to India

Our general director, Dr. Oscar Ahumada and business development manager, Rosalía Calleja have recently visited India for a number of commercial actions.

They held an update meeting with the local representative Dr. Anand Dixit (Fourvac). Additionally they took the chance to follow up previous conversations with some of the Key research groups in the cantilever sensor area: Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL) in Delhi, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI, CSIR) in Pilani, Institute of Microbial Technology (IMT, CSIR) in Chandigarh, Institute of Nanoscience & Technology (INST) in Chandigarh or Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay.


As a result of all these meetings, Mecwins has achieved to connect with new potential clients as well as previously approached groups which have demonstrated high interest on the technology.

This accomplishment represents a step forward in the near future implementation of Scala technology in these research labs.



01 MECWINS 01 from Montserrat Calleja on Vimeo.

Mecwins, innovation in nanomechanics for biotechnology. from Mecwins on Vimeo.

Mecwins was established in 2008 with the purpose of developing a proprietary technology for nanomechanical sensing. Mecwins offers an optical platform form MEMS characterization named SCALA using its proprietary technology. SCALA is a complete tool to characterize your devices (cantilevers, bridges, membranes, etc.) in air, liquid and vacuum environments. Importantly, measurement can be taken both in static and dynamic modes. Additionally, SCALA can deliver 3D images with topographic information of your MEMS.

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