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2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics (ICU)

At the upcoming 2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics (ICU) (Metz, France, May 10-14 , 2015), Mecwins microfluidics engineer, Dr. Pilar Carreras will present her latest research in blood fractioning. This work was developed in collaboration with Dr. Itziar Gonzalez, Principal Investigator from the ultrasonic systems and sensors department of the Applied Physics Institute, CSIC, Madrid. Their presentation will include a poster entitled “Ultrasonic enrichment of flowing blood cells in capillaries”. The congress will be held at Metz, France and is hosted by Georgia Tech Lorraine in collaboration with the French Acoustical Society. Publication of the 2015 ICU International congress on Ultrasonics proceedings will meet the highest standards and will appear in Elsevier's Physics Procedia on

Further information about the conference by clicking here.


01 MECWINS 01 from Montserrat Calleja on Vimeo.


Mecwins is a newly established technological company with a strong focus on R&D. Our activity is highly driven by cutting-edge technology and frontline innovation.

Mecwins is developing Nanotechnologies to an advanced stage where they can be applied to diversified fields, from NEMS characterization to clinical analysis. 

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